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Vessels of Light

ceramic lamps by Ted Book

Each lamp is custom made by Ted Book in Millersburg Pennsylvania.  He fires his stoneware creations with a barrel fire technique to create unique designs on the pieces.  To learn more about his work check out his ABOUT THE ART page.  You can also see several images of his work on his PORTFOLIO page.  Please CONTACT Ted with any questions you might have about his work or to inquire about making a purchase.

For more information you can also visit Ted’s Facebook page at vesselsoflightbytedbook.

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I took some time the think back to times in my life that inspired me to place effort into developing my artistic abilities and interest in art. The earliest inspiration I could recall was back in middle school (1984). I remember entering a drawing into our school art contest. I received an award for my drawing of farm equipment unloading corn from a wagon to a grain elevator. I realized that people placed value in the aesthetics of art. It felt really good to receive commendations for my work.


I took a few art classes in high school, but I was not one who excelled in creating. I enjoyed it as a hobby, but did not foresee this as a future passion. I don’t have too many images of my work from high school.

I decided to enroll at Penn State University to study Art and Business. While I was there, I began to develop a refined skill and love for art. I concentrated in sculpture which caused me to be exposed to many different types of materials and techniques of building. However, I still was not passionate about using art to be express ideas.


After finishing my undergraduate studies at Penn State, I moved on to various jobs within the arts. I wasn’t finding anything that was fulfilling. I was drawn to working with youth, so I returned to school at Millersville University to earn my certificate to teach Art. I was hired to teach Art at the Millersburg Area School District. While there, I took classes at Messiah University to earn my Masters degree in Art Education. As a culmination of the program I arranged to have an artist exhibit titled “Abraham’s Seed” at the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Art. I created a group of 24 ceramic pieces that centered around 6 different names of Jesus Christ (rock, water, vine, root, branch and light).



I often encourage my students to enter their art into art competitions. I began to notice that they were often hesitant to do so, because they thought their art was not good enough to win an award. I challenged myself to enter the Art of the State Art Competition. In 2016, I had a piece selected out of 1600 applicants to represent Pennsylvania’s Art of the State Exhibit on display at The State Museum in Harrisburg, PA. This was a great honor for me as an artist.


While there, I took classes at Messiah University to earn my Masters degree in Art Education. I was exposed to an alternative clay firing process called barrel firing. This process inspired me to explore more through experimentation. I love the various and somewhat unexpected results that come with this firing technique. I was often drawn back to the light pieces that I created for the “Abraham’s Seed” exhibit. This became the inspiration for my Vessels of Light.


In 2018 I establish my business named Vessels of Light. I began producing and selling one of a kind lamps at various art shows around central Pennsylvania. I have shown and sold my pieces at the Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show, Artsfest in Harrisburg, Lititz Outdoor Art Show, Farmhouse Market, Harrisburg Flea, Line Mountain Art Fair and several other local Art shows.


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About the Art

watch our video about Vessels of Light

Vessels of Light is a ceramic series handcrafted by Ted Book based on a bible scripture found in 2 Timothy 2:21:

“Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from these things, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified, useful to the Master, prepared for every good work.”


The pieces that I create are fired in an old metal trash can surrounded by materials that our world considers trash, such as banana peels, corn husks, wood shavings and even soiled animal bedding. Although these things are seen as useless, they are vital in creating the outer beauty of the pieces – just as the difficulties and challenges we face in life are vital in creating who we are. Some of the pieces I create even crack under the intense heat of the fire.

This series is intended to show that even though we, the “vessel” may be blemished, cracked, worn and marred, the beautiful light of Christ can still shine through and illuminate the darkness around us. I believe we are able to house and showcase that beautiful light of Jesus, regardless of our defects and imperfections. Just like these lamps, the focus ends up more on the light than with the piece itself.

You too are able to shine the light of Jesus even after all that you have been through in your life. You are a beautiful vessel, crafted by the Master Potter. 1 Peter 2:9 says: “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful Light.”



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